Project Description


Rebel for Life is a powerful story about climate activism, the spirit of community and the future of life on Earth. At the centre of this truly engaging story we follow Vishal, a young hospital doctor who has turned into a full time climate activist. Understanding that the Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis Vishal makes a big sacrifice: he gives up his well-paid job as a doctor and his comfortable life to join the climate movement Extinction Rebellion. Together with his new friends he besieges the centre of London and a coal mine in the north of England. Radical system change is needed, Vishal says, and there is no time to lose: “We’ve got only one generation left to survive on this Earth.” Community is key in everything the movement proposes. But then COVID-19 hits the world … Will there be a future for all of us on Earth?

Non-violent civil disobedience is at the heart of Extinction Rebellion’s strategy to fight for change. Some Extinction Rebellion activists, including Vishal, have been trained in mindfulness and peaceful activism in Plum Village, France.

Recorded in London and Durham Country, UK
Produced by Evermind Media in co-production with Dutch broadcasting organisation KRO-NCRV (The Netherlands, 2020)


2020| documentary | 70 minutes
Role colorist


Director Wouter Verhoeven